You did it. You actually completed a task.

Now log it and remember this moment forever.

HomeownerLog is not a todo list. It's for logging the things that you have done around the house, so you can celebrate the little victories (and have a convenient historical record). It's more like a done list. Jot down when you changed the smoke detector batteries. Or when you last trimmed the hedges. Or when you miraculously fixed the dishwasher.

And while you're doing that, also maintain an inventory of the appliances and other things around your house. Easily look up the dimensions of your bookcase or what size filter you need for your furnace or coffee maker.

Features include:

  • Unlimited "places" within your home (from bedrooms to kitchens to sheds).
  • Unlimited "things" within your home (from alarm clocks to waffle irons to lawnmowers).
  • Unlimited "log entries" for completed tasks, which are associated with a "place" and "thing" for easy historical tracking. ("Hey, when did I last change the batteries in this kitchen smoke detector?")
  • It's free.

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